My name is Matthew Foreman and I am a Graphic Designer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, who specializes in a range of professional skills which include: Advanced Digital Imaging, Studio Art, Photography,

& Large Scale Visual Projection Mapping. My work has been featured in over 80 shows which include 5 solo exhibits, and multiple successful collaborative exhibitions with artists Andrew Dyck, Bob Tannen, and Nate Phelps.  In 2010, my work was chosen to hang beside artwork by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, at the Vaughn Christopher Gallery in Houston, Texas, for their show "Four Decades of American Pop".

Current hand painted works can be seen hanging at Graphite Gallery on 936 Royal Street, in New Orleans, Louisiana and Landis Studio in Charleston, South Carolina.   A large scale collaborative exhibit between Bob Tannen and myself will be shown August 7th, at the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans for White Linen Night|2016.

I graduate Summa Cum Laude in 2016 from Delgado Community College at City Park with an AA in Visual Communications & Graphic Design.  Within the last 3 years, I have actively participated in learning and applying numerous different elements of artistic & professional photography.   I also plan on further pursuing my BA in Graphic Arts while actively working in the field.